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Diets don't work-a step toward a better life

Diets don't work-a step toward a better life



All the " diets " that I have " tried" have failed. What I have found that works is taking key ideas from these programs and adding them to what I am doing. So, for instance; taking vegetables making them the main player for the meal. Then taking some of the flavoring I used on the vegetables and adding that to the protein. Making enough of this for dinner and for the next day lunch (this brings in time management). This makes time for me to add a meditation or spiritual study the next day as well as being able to add in a movement aspect to my day. Each of these allows for a focus on what I am doing and a redevelopment of confidence.

Have you started a diet and stayed on it? Are you still doing the diet? I know I haven't.  I swung from one side to the other. From Vegan to Paleo, Atkins and weight watchers. They left me in the same place annoyed and frustrated. Overweight and in addition high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. taking um-teen different medicines. Enough is enough. 

The thing I took away from this was twofold. First is my plate. I now have mostly vegetable, then my protein (usually a meat of some type) and then a fruit.  This has made a difference for me. From time to time I also make my juice which usually consists of beats, kale, and apple or a pear. I also have a glass of water with each of my meals. Oh, what a difference this has made. 

The point being that you are enjoying what you are eating. I have found that if I try to force a thing over the long time I will most likely quit it. Now if I am enjoying it, then I keep it and it becomes part of my life. 

I also started getting up in the morning and started stating out loud what I am thankful for. This gratitude time morphed into a spiritual practice. It became a period of meditation and prayers along with my gratitude time. 

I also started moving around more. We are designed to move. Again, you must find something you like to do. for me it is the martial arts and yoga. I do these 3 three times a week. anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. And I make sure to drink my water. I no longer feel as stiff as I did, I am able to get up and move around. I feel good about myself

This practice has brought me a level of peace I have not had in so long that I cannot remember. It has allowed inspirations to come through to me. My performance throughout the day has improved in my relationships both at home and at work, I have improved in my job as well as with handling stress. my financial situations and how I handle then as well as view my finances have improved. My overall wellbeing and how I face the world. 

The most important part of all of this is how I feel about myself. I can look at myself in the mirror and be happy. I even have talks with myself while looking at myself in the mirror.  I am now in a place where I can help others to do the same thing that I have done with myself. Practicing the art of giving to others is one of the best ways to help yourself to become well. 

This is a path and it is my path... I don't know what it will bring on the other side. I am now enjoying the walk.

My team

Are you living with type two diabetes? So am I . I've found talking to others that we are battling high blood pressure and being over weight. This battle tends to flow into other areas of our lives. Like careers, relationships, our ability to just get up and move. This is my focus or my team if you will. I will help you to make the life changes that you want to see in your life. Through what you are eating we will find away to bring about well being and happiness in you life , career, and relationships.